Glossary of definitions & places for Istanbul, Turkey

What is the former name of Constantinople? For words, place-names and definitions relating to Turkey, please see our growing glossary of terms below:

Byzas – the name of the first King of Byzantium who settled his people on this peninsula which today is known as Istanbul.

Byzantium – the first name given to the city of Istanbul in Turkey, founded by king Byzas. The city later was later renamed Constantinople until finally becoming known under its present day name of Istanbul.

Constantinople – located in the country of Turkey, this city was renamed from Bzyantium to Constantinople when it became the center of the Eastern Roman Empire until 1453. It was later renamed Istanbul.

Istanbul – the cultural capital and largest city in Turkey, uniquely straddling the two continents of Europe and Asia. Formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople.

Bosphorus – a strait of water between the Black Sea to the North and the Marmara Sea to the South that divides the city of Istanbul between the two continents of Europe and Asia.
Ottoman – originates from the Turkish word ‘Osmanlı’, which means ‘the son of Osman’.
Byzantine – the adjective to describe people and objects from the city of Byzantium, such as Byzantine art, relics, churches, empire etc.

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