Blue Cruise Turkey by Gulet Charter

Turkey: 3-4 Destinations, Bodrum

Give in to the undeniable allure of the Mediterranean’s ‘Turquoise Coast’ – idyllic bays, private coves, sparkling waters… Enjoy a Blue Cruise in Turkey for the sailing holiday of a lifetime by private Turkish yacht charter in a traditional wooden gulet…
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Gulet & Yacht Charter Turkey for Sailing Holidays in the Mediterranean

(Requires a minimum of 6-12 people as a pre-formed group, such as a family or group of friends)

The ultimate way of discovering Turkey’s Turquoise Coast is by taking a ‘Blue Cruise’, a relaxed style of yacht cruising in the Mediterranean. This region is famous for its sapphire colored seas, the clearest of waters and the idyllic coves. With a choice of sailing routes running along the Aegean & Mediterranean Coasts, it is possible go ashore to explore picturesque villages, Lycian ruins and secluded bays, many of which are only accessible from the sea.

turquoise coast, private yachting turkeyThe type of vessel used for a Blue Cruise is called a ‘gulet’ in Turkey – this is a traditional yacht made of pinewood usually sourced from the region. The vessel’s shape is pointed at the front and rounded at the back and uses double or single masts for sailing. Cabins are comfortable and gulet charters are equipped with modern equipment and facilities.

Blue Cruises are most suitable for a family, group of friends or other pre-formed groups of approx. 6-12 people. This number is ideal as a single gulet can typically take up to this number of guests per boat, with about 3-6 guest cabins. (If you are more than this number, a larger gulet or 2 or more gulets may be arranged to cruise together so that the group can still be together at swimming stops, meals, while at anchor and overnights).

If you prefer a more intimate Blue Cruise just for your family, a small group of friends or if have a pre-formed group, please contact us to arrange a private Blue Cruise yacht charter in Turkey just for you and your companions only.

gulet boat deck A great insight into authentic local life can be experienced by dropping anchor for the evening at small harbors and coastal villages along the route. Additional land excursions can be arranged for guests prior to or post Blue-Voyage Cruise.

As there is a huge variety in the type and classes of motor and sailing yachts available, please contact us beforehand with the details of your group, including the no. of people and estimated dates of cruising, so that we can offer a choice of gulets suitable.

Blue Cruise Turkey is one of the nicest ways to visit Southern Turkey and offers a unique blend of nature, adventure and history for visitors.

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All boats and yacht charters used are fully equipped with necessary safety measures and equipment on board.

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